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Cipro Side effects on Tendon: Why and where does it happen?

July 9th, 2012

Like other fluoroquinolone drugs, Cipro causes side effects on tendon like tendonitis and causes tendon rupture. A tendon attaches a muscle to a bone to make movement of joints possible. They are strong fibrous tissues. We move because we have tendons. Tendonitis is a chronic problem and is a condition where the tendons start having inflammations. Thus movement produces pain. A tendon tears or rupture because of severe force and weight on it.

cipro side effects tendon

People may experience a snap after the rupture followed by severe pain. This may cause permanent or temporary absence of movement. Achilles tendon is under scrutiny in most cases. Being the longest tendon it connects calf to heel in the body. As it bears all the weight it is most subjected to tears and rupture. Rotor cuff, biceps and thumbs are also susceptible to inflammation and tear.


Ruptures start appearing after the treatment or during it. They can occur as quickly as in a few hours or even after six months of the treatment. These ruptures could be fatal as seen in a few cases in the past. They mainly occur in adults and elderly men. It may cause direct trauma so avoid cipro if you can. You may experience rapid or immediate bruising where the tendon has weaned out. People will have marked weakness. Inability to move the affected limb is also a Cipro side effect caused on tendons by cipro.


Because of damaged tendon people might not be able to lift any weights. It may cause look issues as it deforms the affected area. In the next few lines it is discussed how specific tendons are affected and what atrocities they might cause to a human being in his day to day life. When an Achilles tendon ruptures you will be unable to support yourself on your toes on the affected leg and you might not able to move for some period and if you are unlucky you might not move forever.


When a rotor cuff muscle ruptures you might not be able to bring your arms over your shoulders thus disabling your arm acutely and making you handicapped.

When the tendons in the biceps wear out there is a decreased strength of elbow flexion and inability to raise the arm out of the side when the hand is turned palm up.


When there is severe tendonitis in the Achilles tendon people can die and over the last 15 years more than ten thousand people have died. Tendon ruptures are a direct side effect of Cipro and almost 2-6% people in US have fallen into this pit. Of these 1.5% people have died or are on a verge of dying due to severe internal bleeding caused in their tendons. When cipro is used for medication purposes it increases the flow of blood in prostates, the DNA is altered and bacteria affect the tendons and muscles in the body. Thus when a person lifts even bearable weight or puts slight contraction on the tendon it can tear and cause pain beyond control. People can also die on the spot. Whenever it occurs seek medical attention or the problem might become chronic. To avoid these Cipro side effects on tendons avoid using Cipro.

Side Effects of Cipro: Can they be fatal?

July 8th, 2012

Cipro or Ciprofloxin is a quinolone antibiotic. After doing it results start showing in 1-2 hours. It is effective against bacteria. It enters tissues like prostates. It proves to be a very able drug in many conditions. As caffeine level increase quench for thirst also increases. But everything has side effects and so does cipro. The side effects caused by cipro are very severe in some cases. They cause erosion of cartilage in weight bearing joints. There might be insomnia issues caused by headaches, nausea, diarrhea and dizziness. People may suffer from a few mental or mood problem like hallucinations and depression. It may even cause sun burns. The side effects of Cipro could be subjected to nervous system also. Although these problems are reversible but still it can cause health issues in Central Nervous System. If you feel any numbness or shaking in your body contact your doctor immediately. Severe headaches and bleeding may also occur. If you suffer from any other infections or fever, this may be a side effect.

side effects of cipro

Urinary problems like change in its amount and color may be a result of the dosage.

Some other rare urinary problems include blood from abdomen. You could suffer from kidney problems, urine blockade and acidosis. Hyper pigmentation is also a side effect of cipro.  People can have bad taste in mouth and ringing in ears. Blurred vision and night walking is a problem seen in a few patients. You may go through psychotic reactions.  These indicate acute liver problems. Since cipro attacks the prostate gland, liver problems cannot be ignored. Cardiac problems like high blood pressure, fast breathing, increased heartbeat etc may are also some rare but serious side effects. Heart attacks are common to patients taking cipro. Lung problems like bronchitis and fast breathing are also common. It makes patient susceptible to tuberculosis.


Bone marrow depletion is another issue which has come to light recently. Intracranial hypertension is another side effect. A resistant bacterium may cause intestinal problems like diarrhea. This problem may occur after a month of the stoppage of the treatment. Using anti-diarrhea medications may worsen the infection.

Long term usage can cause oral brush or vaginal problems. You could suffer from allergic reactions like rashes, itching and swelling up of body parts like tongue and lips. You may experience neck, back and joint pains.  Pregnant mothers might suffer from severe vaginal bleeding and in few cases death of the fetus. Also they may not be able to get pregnant in future.


Be careful and do not take pain killers. There might be an abnormal rise in cholesterol and thyroid levels. Fatal condition called agranulo-cytosis could cause reduction in the count of white blood cells. It has proved to be fatal over the past decades due to hypersensitivity. Thus cipro cannot be trusted anymore, except, in conditions where it is extremely necessary, avoid using it. If you notice any of the above mentioned side effects do not hesitate to contact your pharmacist or doctor.