Fatality of Cipro 500mg Side Effects

Cipro is short for Ciprofloxin and a known quinolone antibiotic. Once you have used it you will begin seeing its results after about one or two hours. It is quite effective when it comes to bacteria and even makes its way to such tissues such as prostate. The drug is obviously able in many ways. As the levels of caffeine rises, the urge to quench thirst happens to go up as well. Everything under the sun has side effects and Cipro is no angel. In some cases, the Cipro 500mg side effects are quite severe and could erode the cartilage found in joints that bear weight.

Cipro 500mg Side Effects

Also, with the drug also come a lot of issues related to insomnia such as dizziness, diarrhea, nausea and headache. There are also people who end up suffering mood related problems such as depression and hallucinations. There is also a possibility that the drug brings about sun burns with some side effects potentially subjected to the area of the nervous system. The problems are definitely reversible but the medication sometimes brings about health issues across the central nervous system. In case you feel a shaking or numbness across your body, it is important to call the doctor almost immediately.

Cipro 500mg side effects might also be characterized by bleeding and severe cases of headaches. In case you are suffering from other types of infections or even fever, it could be a major side effect. The dosage has also been known to bring about change in the hue of urine as well as the amount. There are other forms of urinary problems that also include abdomen and blood. It is also common to have issues with kidney problems, acidosis and urine blockade. Another side effect that Cipro occasions is hyper pigmentation followed by a very bad taste within their mouth and even ringing in the ears. Other patients also see some changes in their vision which becomes blurred including night walking.

There are people who also end up with psychotic reactions that indicate an inherent issue with the liver. Cipro 500mg side effects are manifested even in the prostate gland that is attacked by the drug and liver issues should not be swept under the carpet. When it comes to cardiac problems, there could be some serious or mild such as fast breathing, high blood pressure or an increase in heartbeat. Even heart attacks are quite common to patients who are using Cipro.

Other common issues include lung problems such as cases of bronchitis and breathing that is really labored. Cipro has a way of making one vulnerable to the attacks of tuberculosis. There is also depletion of the bone marrow that is the newest realization of what Cipro side effects sometimes ends up being. Another kind of side effect is what is known as intracranial hypertension. A bacterium that is resistant could cause such intestinal issues that include diarrhea. A month after the treatment stoppage the issue could occur and using a number of medications that are anti-diarrhea could make the infection even worse.