Some Facts on the Side Effects of Cipro Antibiotic

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Cipro is Ciproxacin in full and it is a medication mostly prescribed as the antibiotic of last resort to deal with issues of complicated infections such as urinary tract related or even pyelonephritis as a result of E. coli or for children who have inhaled the anthrax virus including those serious conditions that are medical related for adults. One of the reasons why Cipro is mostly used after all other avenues have been tried is because of the well known side effects of Cipro antibiotic within the human body, not only for adults but children as well.

The controversy surrounding Cipro has been heating up since 1996 after the drug was FDA approved and a non-profit group petitioned the body to undertake the black box action, which is the strongest of any warning that can be followed by FDA bordered on banning the item. Around the year 2000, another proposal was given to ban antibiotics that resemble Cipro used by poultry. While other forms of such like drugs have been stopped, Cipro continues to be used for human complications and only in 2008 did FDA issued a black box warning that was dully imposed.

Side effects of Cipro antibiotic include eosinophilia, dysaesthesia, peripheral type of neuropathy, drug kind of fever, malaise, pain in the stomach, exanthema, issues with color vision, neurological kind of symptoms and phototoxicity. In some of the major incidents that come with the drugs, ruptured or torn tendons are observed more so around the Achilles tendon including the shoulders. Those patients who might be manifesting such effects as a result of the drug usage have always been consulting those lawyers handling Cipro cases for some significant settlements.

You will find that bacteria in their millions live in the human body and not all are that harmful. You will find bacteria that lead to very robust health. Infections caused by bacteria including bacteria diseases only occur once harmful bacteria have entered the human body through the air, human, food or water contacts. A lot of times there have been reported bacteria infections that have ended up really threatening to one’s life.

Amidst the well known side effects of Cipro antibiotic, Cipro belongs to the group of drugs known as Flouroquinolones. This antibiotic comes in handy in fighting bacteria deemed harmful within the body. The drug works well by decreasing and stopping the protein production mostly required for survival by bacterial germs. The generic type of Cipro is mostly used in the treatment of a number of bacterial diseases that include respiratory infections as well as skin infections. In fact, after a person has been exposed to anthrax, the antibiotic comes in handy to help in slowing it down. For such viral infections like flu or cold, Cipro is not effective in their treatment.

Since the side effects of Cipro are not to be ignored, it is important to always consult your doctor prior to using any of them, including letting him or her know your medical history as well as all types of herbal supplements, counter medicines and even prescribed ones.

Fatality of Cipro 500mg Side Effects

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Cipro is short for Ciprofloxin and a known quinolone antibiotic. Once you have used it you will begin seeing its results after about one or two hours. It is quite effective when it comes to bacteria and even makes its way to such tissues such as prostate. The drug is obviously able in many ways. As the levels of caffeine rises, the urge to quench thirst happens to go up as well. Everything under the sun has side effects and Cipro is no angel. In some cases, the Cipro 500mg side effects are quite severe and could erode the cartilage found in joints that bear weight.

Cipro 500mg Side Effects

Also, with the drug also come a lot of issues related to insomnia such as dizziness, diarrhea, nausea and headache. There are also people who end up suffering mood related problems such as depression and hallucinations. There is also a possibility that the drug brings about sun burns with some side effects potentially subjected to the area of the nervous system. The problems are definitely reversible but the medication sometimes brings about health issues across the central nervous system. In case you feel a shaking or numbness across your body, it is important to call the doctor almost immediately.

Cipro 500mg side effects might also be characterized by bleeding and severe cases of headaches. In case you are suffering from other types of infections or even fever, it could be a major side effect. The dosage has also been known to bring about change in the hue of urine as well as the amount. There are other forms of urinary problems that also include abdomen and blood. It is also common to have issues with kidney problems, acidosis and urine blockade. Another side effect that Cipro occasions is hyper pigmentation followed by a very bad taste within their mouth and even ringing in the ears. Other patients also see some changes in their vision which becomes blurred including night walking.

There are people who also end up with psychotic reactions that indicate an inherent issue with the liver. Cipro 500mg side effects are manifested even in the prostate gland that is attacked by the drug and liver issues should not be swept under the carpet. When it comes to cardiac problems, there could be some serious or mild such as fast breathing, high blood pressure or an increase in heartbeat. Even heart attacks are quite common to patients who are using Cipro.

Other common issues include lung problems such as cases of bronchitis and breathing that is really labored. Cipro has a way of making one vulnerable to the attacks of tuberculosis. There is also depletion of the bone marrow that is the newest realization of what Cipro side effects sometimes ends up being. Another kind of side effect is what is known as intracranial hypertension. A bacterium that is resistant could cause such intestinal issues that include diarrhea. A month after the treatment stoppage the issue could occur and using a number of medications that are anti-diarrhea could make the infection even worse.

cipro antibiotic side effects: get to know them

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Cipro antibiotic is mostly used by elderly men to cure gram positive and gram negative bacteria which causes problems to them. The side effects of Cipro antibiotic are severe on elderly. Vitamin and mineral shortage in the body and continuous thirst is observed in elderly people. Cipro may cause Nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain, headache, restlessness, rashes, palpitation, heart flutter, fainting, angina, heart attack, blood clotting, nervousness, dizziness, headache, light headedness, insomnia, numbness, depersonalization, ataxia ( lack of muscle coordination), agitation, confusion, delirium, toxic psychosis, muscle twitching, involuntary eye movements, nightmares, hallucinations, manic attack, tremors, irritability, seizures, lethargy, drowsiness, weakness, no appetite, depression, bleeding, jaundice, difficulty swallowing, constipation, intestinal gas, swelling of the pancreas, painful oral mucosa, thrush(oral fungal infection),intestinal perforation, Kidney failure, urinary retention, urethral bleeding, acidosis, nephritis joint stiffness, back pain, neck or chest pain, gout flare-up, increased urinary output, kidney stones. difficult breathing, throat or lung swelling (edema), hiccoughs, bronchial spasm, itching, rash, sensitivity to sunlight, flushing, chills, swelling of the blood vessels or lymph system, Blurred or disturbed vision, sensitivity to light, seeing double, eye pain, ringing in the ears, hearing loss, bad taste in mouth are the side effect of Cipro antibiotics in less extent.

cipro antibiotic side effects

People may suffer from a few mental or mood problem like hallucinations and depression. It may even cause sun burns. The side effects of Cipro could be subjected to nervous system also. Although these problems are reversible but still it can cause health issues in Central Nervous System. If you feel any numbness or shaking in your body contact your doctor immediately. Severe headaches and bleeding may also occur. If you suffer from any other infections or fever, this may be a side effect. Cipro can cause kidney stones. These indicate acute liver problems. Since Cipro antibiotic attacks the prostate gland, liver problems cannot be ignored. Cardiac problems like high blood pressure, fast breathing, increased heartbeat etc may are also some rare but serious side effects. Heart attacks are common to patients taking Cipro. Lung problems like bronchitis and fast breathing are also common. It makes patient susceptible to tuberculosis.

Bone marrow depletion is another issue which has come to light recently. Intracranial hypertension is another side effect.


Elderly people may suffer from colored blindness and other vision issues.

A resistant bacterium may cause intestinal problems like diarrhea. This problem may occur after a month of the stoppage of the treatment. Using anti-diarrhea medications may worsen the infection. Long term usage can cause oral brush or vaginal problems. You could suffer from allergic reactions like rashes, itching and swelling up of body parts like tongue and lips. Fatal condition called agranulo-cytosis could cause reduction in the count of white blood cells. It has proved to be fatal over the past decades due to hypersensitivity. Thus Cipro cannot be trusted anymore, except, in conditions where it is extremely necessary, avoid using it. Elderly people must avoid using Cipro as it has very severe side effects on them.