Cipro Side Effects on Elderly: Adults are more prone to death

Cipro antibiotic is mostly used by elderly men to cure gram positive and gram negative bacteria which causes problems to them. The Cipro side effects on elderly are severe. Vitamin and mineral shortage in the body and continuous thirst is observed in elderly people. If you feel any numbness or shaking in your body contact your doctor immediately. Severe headaches and bleeding may also occur. If you suffer from any other infections or fever, this may be a side effect. Over past years 2-6% elderly people have died due to side effects of Cipro in the United States itself. People may suffer from kidney and urinary problems which can be fatal. Hyper pigmentation is also a side effect of cipro.  People can have bad taste in mouth and ringing in ears. Blurred vision and night walking is a problem seen in a few patients. You may go through psychotic reactions.

cipro side effects in elderly

Other problems to less extent by side effects of Cipro among adults includes head ache, abdominal pain, shoulder pain, foot pain, pain on joints, Cardiovascular problems like atria flutter, ventricular ectopy, syncope, hypertension, migraine, hypertension, cardiopulmonary arrest, myocardial infarction, phlebitis while severe central nervous system problems restlessness, dizziness, insomnia, nightmares, phobia, depression, abnormal gait, weakness, manic reaction, anorexia, lethargy, ataxia, light-headedness, hallucinations, and malaise. Heart attacks are common to patients taking cipro. Lung problems like bronchitis and fast breathing are also common. It makes patient susceptible to tuberculosis.

Bone marrow depletion is another issue which has come to light recently. Intracranial hypertension is another side effect.


Cipro side effects in elderly may cause colored blindness and other vision issues.

A resistant bacterium may cause intestinal problems like diarrhea. This problem may occur after a month of the stoppage of the treatment. Using anti-diarrhea medications may worsen the infection. Metabolic problems like amylase increase, lipase increase are also included in the list. The other Cipro side effects on adults includes Respiratory problems like hiccough, haemoptysis, pulmonary embolism, bronchospasm, epistgaxis, dyspnea Skin problems like allergic reaction, pruritus, urticaria, cutaneous candidiasis, angioedema, edema of the face, neck, lips, conjunctivae or hands, hyper pigmentation, sweating Problem in special senses like blurred vision, disturbed vision, decreased visual acuity, diplopia, eye pain, tinnitus, hearing loss, bad taste, chromatospia Renal problems like interstitial nephritis, nephritis, renal failure, polyuria, urinary retention, urethral bleeding, vaginitis Intestinal problems like hepatitis, intestinal perforation, painful oral mucosa, oral candidiasis, dysphagia, cholestatic jaundice, gastrointestinal bleeding Skeletal problems like back pain, joint stiffness, achiness, neck pain, muscle weakness, chest pain, and other several instances like nausea, vomiting, irritability, palpitation, tremor. You may experience neck, back and joint pains.  Pregnant mothers might suffer from severe vaginal bleeding and in few cases death of the fetus. Also they may not be able to get pregnant in future. People may experience hypersensitivity. Thus cipro cannot be trusted anymore, except, in conditions where it is extremely necessary, avoid using it. Cipro side effects on elderly are severe so they must avoid it.