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The Cipro Side Effects Tendon Properties

In case you have been taking Cipro or considering using it as an antibiotic, you need to know the various side effects that come with its usage. In case you have all of a sudden attained Cipro side effects tendon or pain on the tendon including tendonitis as well as symptoms of a similar nature, Cipro might have been the reason why this is happening. There are so many legal claims and lawsuits that have come up and for the right reason. This is because those folks taking the antibiotics to deal with a number of conditions have ended up severing their tendons with pain even leading to degeneration.

In case you have Cipro side effects tendon or generally tendonitis in a number of locations or just one place across the body, or in other times some pain that is very debilitating, always remember that Cipro could be the reason why. The short term ‘Cipro’ is the common name for the well known Ciprofloxacin in short and usually put in a group known as Quinolone or fluoroquinolone antibiotics. They are known as ‘quinolones’ in short and in this group such common medications such as Avelox, Cipro and Levaquin are mostly found and they are all known to occasion degeneration damage and tendon rupture. FDA has also been warning against tendon damage dangers to those using Cipro.

To access Cipro, which is a substance that is controlled; one needs to go with prescriptions if they want to acquire it legally. The official stand on the medication is that the drug has a lot of benefits and they definitely outweigh the various risks.

These types of powerful drugs in all measures are provided as antibiotics in dealing with among others, E-Coli, Staph infections including Prostatitis. The list of those ailments Cipro deals with is very long and includes UTIs or urinary tract infections as well as gonorrhea. It is also true that you could end up with Cipro side effects tendon rupture as well as ending up with Tendonitis. This happens without bias on the kind of ailment that Cipro was prescribed for and the amount of quinolone that you might have taken is not important.

It is important to note that Cipro works by making sure it has interfered successfully with two main bacterial kinds of enzymes, namely the DNA gyrase and the topoisomerase. Such enzymes are very important if bacteria are able to repair and copy DNA, a very important step required for the multiplication of bacteria.

Cipro is delivered in the form of a pill, intravenously or even via an injection. It targets a number of bacteria ending up successfully disrupting some of their replication ability. It is not clear whether the issues with tendons including a number of side effects are related to the process of enzyme targeting and researchers, including doctors, hardly have any idea how Cipro has managed to cause havoc on the tissues of tendons.

Always keep checking for all the side effects not only on the tendons but also in other manifestations in your body, just to be on the safe side.

The Cipro Side Effects in Elderly Folks

Elderly folks use Cipro antibiotic a lot towards curing gram negative and positive bacteria that is always bringing a lot of issues in their bodies. However, while the reactions of the medication on other people may not be anything to write about, Cipro side effects in elderly folks are mostly very severe. What follows in the bodies of these important people in our midst is mineral and vitamin shortage within their bodies followed by continuous thirst.

Cipro side effects in elderly

In case you end up feeling some numbness or even body shaking, it is important to talk to your doctor right away. In some cases, serious bleeding and headaches sometimes follow. In case you end up suffering another type of fever or infection, it might as well be one of its side effects. Within the United Statesalone, around 2 to 6 percent of all elderly folks have passed away due to Cipro’s related effects. These Cipro side effects in elderly people might even lead to urinary or kidney problems that sometimes very fatal.

Another side effect that can be observed in the intake of Cipro is hyper pigmentation. A lot of people could also have a very foul taste within their mouth including some kind of ringing within their ears. Night walking as well as blurred vision happens to also be a problem observed on a number of patients. It is all possible for one to observe a number of psychotic reactions. Among adults as well, it is possible to find other forms of side effects, such as hypertension, migraine, hypertension, syncope, ventricular ectopy, atria flutter, heart problems, joint pains, foot pains, pain on the shoulder, abdominal pain and also headache. Others include weakness, abnormal gait, depression, phobia, nightmares, insomnia, feeling dizzy, restlessness, phlebitis, myocardial infarction and cardiopulmonary arrest.

The list of side effects among Cipro side effects in elderly and adults in total include malaise, hallucinations, light-headedness, ataxia, lethargy, anorexia and manic like reactions. Also, those patients already in the usage of Cipro are also known to have some common heart problems, including bronchitis and other lung problems as well as breathing really fast, something that makes the patients to be vulnerable to tuberculosis. Another thing that hit the doctors table of late includes the depletion of the bone marrow. Intracranial hypertension has also been observed as a major part of the side effects affecting the elderly and the adults using Cipro. For others, vision issues are a problem including color blindness among the elderly in particular.

Respiratory issues also follow those people already using Cipro, with such side effects as hiccough, dyspnea, epistgaxis, bronchospasm and haemoptysis also being observed. Vaginitis is another side effect followed by problems in the intestines such as oral mucosa that is painful, intestinal perforation and hepatitis as well as bleeding in the gastrointestinal area. Pregnant women are not left behind since they might end up suffering really severe bleeding through the vagina with a few cases reported showing that fetus death has also been observed. Unless it is necessary and the doctor has indicated so, Cipro should not be the first drug you go for.

Cipro Side Effects on Elderly: Adults are more prone to death

Cipro antibiotic is mostly used by elderly men to cure gram positive and gram negative bacteria which causes problems to them. The Cipro side effects on elderly are severe. Vitamin and mineral shortage in the body and continuous thirst is observed in elderly people. If you feel any numbness or shaking in your body contact your doctor immediately. Severe headaches and bleeding may also occur. If you suffer from any other infections or fever, this may be a side effect. Over past years 2-6% elderly people have died due to side effects of Cipro in the United States itself. People may suffer from kidney and urinary problems which can be fatal. Hyper pigmentation is also a side effect of cipro.  People can have bad taste in mouth and ringing in ears. Blurred vision and night walking is a problem seen in a few patients. You may go through psychotic reactions.

cipro side effects in elderly

Other problems to less extent by side effects of Cipro among adults includes head ache, abdominal pain, shoulder pain, foot pain, pain on joints, Cardiovascular problems like atria flutter, ventricular ectopy, syncope, hypertension, migraine, hypertension, cardiopulmonary arrest, myocardial infarction, phlebitis while severe central nervous system problems restlessness, dizziness, insomnia, nightmares, phobia, depression, abnormal gait, weakness, manic reaction, anorexia, lethargy, ataxia, light-headedness, hallucinations, and malaise. Heart attacks are common to patients taking cipro. Lung problems like bronchitis and fast breathing are also common. It makes patient susceptible to tuberculosis.

Bone marrow depletion is another issue which has come to light recently. Intracranial hypertension is another side effect.


Cipro side effects in elderly may cause colored blindness and other vision issues.

A resistant bacterium may cause intestinal problems like diarrhea. This problem may occur after a month of the stoppage of the treatment. Using anti-diarrhea medications may worsen the infection. Metabolic problems like amylase increase, lipase increase are also included in the list. The other Cipro side effects on adults includes Respiratory problems like hiccough, haemoptysis, pulmonary embolism, bronchospasm, epistgaxis, dyspnea Skin problems like allergic reaction, pruritus, urticaria, cutaneous candidiasis, angioedema, edema of the face, neck, lips, conjunctivae or hands, hyper pigmentation, sweating Problem in special senses like blurred vision, disturbed vision, decreased visual acuity, diplopia, eye pain, tinnitus, hearing loss, bad taste, chromatospia Renal problems like interstitial nephritis, nephritis, renal failure, polyuria, urinary retention, urethral bleeding, vaginitis Intestinal problems like hepatitis, intestinal perforation, painful oral mucosa, oral candidiasis, dysphagia, cholestatic jaundice, gastrointestinal bleeding Skeletal problems like back pain, joint stiffness, achiness, neck pain, muscle weakness, chest pain, and other several instances like nausea, vomiting, irritability, palpitation, tremor. You may experience neck, back and joint pains.  Pregnant mothers might suffer from severe vaginal bleeding and in few cases death of the fetus. Also they may not be able to get pregnant in future. People may experience hypersensitivity. Thus cipro cannot be trusted anymore, except, in conditions where it is extremely necessary, avoid using it. Cipro side effects on elderly are severe so they must avoid it.

Know the facts about Cipro Side Effects

Ciprofloxacin, also known as Cipro is one of the well known drugs that belong to the fluoroquinolone group of antibacterials. There are said to destroy the bacterial cells by unwinding their DNA and thus interferes with cell replication by inhibiting the synthesis of the DNA and the protein. Despite the various black box warnings given by the FDA, the drug isone of the most common in use and thus helps in the treatment of many bacterial infections.

Cipro side effects

Cipro side effects range from mild to severe forms. There are many warnings that have been published in favor of this drug and there are warning labels that are in use. Some of the most noteworthy side effects include peripheral neuropathy (damage to the nerves), damage to the tendons, problems associated with the heart, colitis, breakdown of the muscles, and more. Usually individuals may experience mild to moderate reactions and despite the constant harp on the effects of this drug and the implications it might cause, it has become an apparent solution to many of the severe bacterial infections that are life threatening.

It is well known that the children and elderly adults are at a much higher risk of developing Cipro side effects and the various adverse reactions that are associated with it. There are other forms such as the tendon damage that are associated with the continued usage of drug in the long run, and continue to manifest despite the drug being discontinued. Visual complications have also been reported to occur with the fluoroquinolone therapy, leading to problems such as the corneal perforation, enucleation, evisceration and more. Double vision, such as Diplopa is also known to occur and seizures have been noticed with the usage of Cipro ear drops in an adult.

Cpirofloxacin along with theophylline are said to increase the levels of toxicity in the blood and thus used in the treatment of asthma. In worse cases, it could also lead to the development of seizures and irregularities in the heart rhythm. It may lead to elevation levels of blood thinning, caused due to the anti coagulant warfarin and thus many iron acids and salts are believed to reduce the Cipro side effects in the body. It is also said that orange juice and milk tend to reduce the effects and the absorption of the drug in the body and thus, administration of the drug is performed two hours before taking consuming milk or orange juice.

The varied Cipro side effects

As with many other drugs, there are Cipro side effects that have been observed and identified, especially with long terms of usage. Although this drug has been black box categorized by the FDA, there are warning labels that are issued to the public as it may lead to irreversible damage of the nerves, damage to the heart, damage to the tendons, muscles and more. It is also believed to cause diarrhea that is associated with the antibiotics and thus may lead to the development of a life threatening situation such as cell death, which leads to the separation of the epidermis from the dermis layer of the skin.

 Cipro side effects

Cipro side effects are many and thus, it is wise to read up the medication guide before going ahead with the consumption. It could be the first time that you are buying the drug or maybe even a refill, however, you should know that the drug is extremely sensitive and thus you should be checking upon your levels of sensitivity to Cipro by your doctor every now and then. It is recommended to consume this drug after the consumption of meals however, it depends on the discretion of the physician and the levels and the dosage of the drug that is required.

If combined with other drugs, consult with your physician and it is usually recommended that the drug be consume with a gap of two to six hours prior or after the consumption of the other drug. It is best to consult with your physician to know the other types of contraindications that could persist with the continuous consumption of this drug and thus you can avoid the Cipro side effects manifesting out to a certain extent.

Usually it is recommended that you inquire with the doctor regarding the diet that should be consumed when under a Cipro prescription. Remember that antibiotics such as the Cipro tend to work best when maintained at the optimum levels in the body and bear in mind the medication that is required to maintain this drug at a balanced state. Do not discontinue your medication although the symptoms might disappear as the entire process of recovery takes quite some time. It is best advised to consult with your doctor once the symptoms disappear to switch over to the correct dosage, as constant application and consumption of antibiotics lead to the complete eradication of bacterial growth and ensures that re-growth does not occur at any instance.